Our Physical Therapists and clinics are adhering to strict CDC guidelines and remain open to those in need of treatment.
We are now offering appointments by phone and video chat covered by insurance.
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Wellness 360 classes are specialty classes designed to support an individual’s health and wellness goals. These classes meet the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those who are looking to make positive lifestyle changes. All classes are designed and instructed by a licensed health care provider, trained to provide a safe and effective class based on your goals and diagnosis. These classes will provide the motivation needed to be consistent with your exercise and wellness routines. Participants can feel comfortable joining our classes at any fitness or wellness level.

Where to start?

An evaluation by a physical therapist at Genesee Valley Physical Therapy is required prior to participating in most exercise classes. This allows Wellness 360 to be able to personalize the workout classes based on your health needs. All classes are designed by a Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant to ensure safety and appropriate progressions. There is no referral needed from a physician to get started! Please call Genesee Valley Physical Therapy to set up your direct access evaluation.

Please visit wellness360fitness.com for details and to register!

For any questions or concerns, email info@wellness360fitness.com or contact our Wellness 360 Program Directors:
  • Lindsay Perez and Beth Parry
  • Contact: (585) 484-0454
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