Our Physical Therapists and clinics are adhering to strict CDC guidelines and remain open to those in need of treatment.
We are now offering appointments by phone and video chat covered by insurance.
What is involved in the PWP?
Every member of our program is fighting back against Parkinson’s disease allowing for an exceptional support system and camaraderie. Research shows that 2.5 hours of forced intensive exercise per week will help combat the symptoms of PD. Make sure those 2.5 hours count by working with a coach experienced in training people with Parkinson’s.

Not Sure where to start?
Each participant is thoroughly evaluated by a physical therapist at Genesee Valley Physical Therapy prior to participating in class. This allows the PT/coach to get to know you and your goals personally as well as devise a plan of attack specifically for you! All classes are overseen by the program director, a licensed PT with specialized training in treating Parkinson’s disease.

Please visit wellness360fitness.com for more details and to register! 

Our Parkinson’s Wellness Program Director:
Lindsay Perez


What makes our PTs specialists?
One on one Physical Therapy appointments are a great way to focus on your specific goals. The PTs involved in the PWP are trained in the LSVT Big protocol which has been proven to reduce falls and improve mobility in people with Parkinson’s. Participants who complete this program can expect a 2 year carry over in their improvements.

In addition to physical therapy, participants in the program can choose from the following class options:

  • Rock Steady Boxing
    Classes use traditional boxing drills such as punching the heavy bag, shadow boxing and foot work drills to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Unlike traditional boxing classes at the gym, our one hour classes also work on voice activation, dexterity, balance and posture to ensure every aspect of the disease is addressed.
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  • Indoor Cycling
    Peddle away your Parkinson’s symptoms in this class! Participants will spin on indoor cycling bikes to varying tempos and resistance levels. To increase the burn, participants work on voice activation and being LOUD while on the bike. During this class you can expect to spend part of the hour off the bike improving posture, core strength and balance.
  • Stretching (Leave Your Gloves at Home)
    This 45 minute class is focused on flexibility and mobility. Lengthen your muscles and mobilize your joints! We work reducing the stiffness often associated with Parkinson’s.
  • Nia
    Nia is an exhilarating movement practice that draws from the martial arts, dance and the healing arts. In NIA you will dance, kick, punch and vocalize to inspiring world music. Nia harnesses the power of music to increase freedom of movement.
  • Balance Matters!
    This class focuses on balance and falls prevention. Exercise is based on the LSVT Big physical therapy protocol and completion of therapy is recommended but not required
Our number one priority is complete
patient satisfaction

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