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"We don’t believe there is one way to swing the club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do. -TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)

Our goal at Genesee Valley Physical Therapy Golf is to help you understand how your body moves so you can optimize your golf swing.

During the golf swing, each segment of the body should build on the previous segment, increasing the speed as it goes down the chain… This sequence is key in order to have power, accuracy and consistency.

"The body works in an alternating pattern of stable segments connected by movable joints. If this pattern is altered, dysfunction and compensation will occur. -TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)

Our approach is to use the TPI functional movement assessment video analysis of your golf swing, and Physical Therapy assessment to determine where your body might not be moving the way it should, and provide a customized program to fix your specific issues.

Genesee Valley Physical Therapy Golf Team:

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Free 15-Minute Function/Movement Assessment:

This is perfect for the healthy Golfer that just wants a quick tune up to make sure everything is working properly, and helps to pinpoint any breakdowns in your golf swing. Using this data, we can then give you advice and steps you can take to stay healthy and ultimately improve your golf swing.

1-Hour In-Depth Assessment (Self-Pay or Through Insurance):

This is for the golfer that is having issues with their swing or having pain. We will perform an in-depth functional movement assessment, video analysis of your golf swing, and a Physical Therapy evaluation that will check your strength, range of motion, etc. Using this data to understand how you move, the way you move, and why you swing the way you swing, we will then provide you with instruction in exercises and drills to help get your body moving better, decrease your pain, improve your swing and get you back to doing what you love... GOLF!

Check out our Golf Warm up Video for some great exercises to do before you tee off!
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