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5 Progressive Hip Loosening Exercises
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The first exercise I am going to walk you through is a Lunge Sequence. The benefits of this sequence are: first of all it’s for anybody who has tight hip flexors and secondly anybody who sits too much. If that describes you, then do this exercise. You could do it in the middle of the day. If you’re sitting at the office, you could do it at lunch and then right before you go home, after work when you get home or before your workouts as a part of your dynamic warm-up.

This exercise is a Reverse Lunge combined with a reach, combined with a twist. There are a few little technique pointers that you got to really pay attention to so make sure you watch this video with hawk eyes.

#1 – Reverse Lunge

Example of a reverse lunge.

Make sure you get a good step back. Your weight is on the front foot. Foot is flat. You are feeling that stretch in through the quad and the hip flexor.

The do's and dont's of a reverse lunge exercise.

The most popular mistake that I see people make when they do the Reverse Lunge is they fold their body like this. See I don’t have the full hip extension and then I am flexed here. That’s what you don’t want to do. What you do want to do stay tall, get that full hip extension. I am not flexed, my body, my spine is straight up and down.

#2 – Reach

Example of a reach exercise.

You reach up as you step back and look up at your hands. I am getting that extra extension in through the spine and also because of the interplay between the fascia. Fascia connects the whole body. When you reach the arms up, you get extra extension in through the hip flexors so you are further increasing that extension here that you are working and compensating for the sitting posture.

#3 – Twist

Reach and then twist towards the front leg then come up. I am trying to rotate through the core but I am not trying to really wrench my back but under control with the core on. The breathing is very important there. On the way down you want to reach, inhale and then exhale. Inhaling helps get the spine into more extension so you fight that slouchy posture, exhaling when you twist increases core activation so these muscles go on more.

Example of the twist exercise.

Again you are stepping back, reach up, inhale, twist, exhale and then you are back up to the starting position. The key factor benefit of this exercise is when you step back because you are holding this position, hopefully you are strong enough to hold it with your knee off the ground, you are holding this position the glute on the front leg is really fired up. As you are going here and then you are going here, you are getting all these muscles, not just the glute mass, the glute medias, all the obliques, all the muscles that are really important you work on stability and work on activation because when we sit the core and the glute shut off so we got to activate those. All those muscles are on. That’s why this sequence is so powerful.

If you just do this one exercise, I got that question from Rick, “What’s the one exercise you can do if you just did this one exercise?” Sitting is one of the main causes of your hip flexibility problems. This is going to help tremendously. So do this up!

Now, I am going to show you one more exercise and this exercise I just want to show you because of the technique that I described on the interview called (DDCR) Dynamic Dual Contract Relax.

#4 – Dynamic Dual Contract Relax (Pad)

What we have here is a pad for my knee and this band. We are going to do a Basic Hip Flexor or Psoas Stretch. Right here, I am going to get up nice and tall and already it’s a little bit tight and I push my hips forward a bit more. There is some tightness in the hip flexor in this position. This is just a basic stretch position.

Example of Dynamic Dual Contract Relax exercise on a pad.

What I want to do now is actually activate the glute. I am squeezing the glute hard for 5 seconds so this is one of the contractions. I am really focused on squeezing these as tight as I can and then I relax and I try to sink in a little deeper. Usually when you do these contractions, it will increase your range of motion right away. I release and hold in the relax position for five seconds then I am going to activate the psoas by dragging my knee forward. I am like I am trying to kick something with my knee.

I am driving it forward, 5 seconds, activate psoas and then relax and then go in a little deeper. What you can do is you can do a couple of sequences, couple of contractions on each, two for the glutes, two for the psoas and there is your Dual Contract Relax.

#5 – Dynamic Dual Contract Relax (Band)

Now, one of the other techniques that I use in the hip flexibility solution is with the band. What happens is when we add this into our stretches, this would be attached to say a power rack in front. It would be pulling forward.

Example of Dynamic Dual Contract Relax exercise with band.

We get more work done on the joint capsule and the soft tissues. It’s not just the muscles that keep tight, but also other tissues, joint capsule is one of them, fascia is another one, strength is one, core stabilizer is another one. There are actually 9 different factors that are described in my 3G flexibility system that you have to address to ensure that you are getting everything and you are addressing everything to unlock your tight hips.

Those are the exercises for you guys. Hope that was very helpful for you! If you just did those two exercises then you would be in great shape. Seven to fourteen days you will feel significantly better.

Source: https://exercisesforinjuries.com/5-progressive-hip-loosening-exercises/

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